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Redefines the luxury hospitality experience.

A range of executive rooms named after most important and the most significant Eyos and families in the rooms are brochures, literature and pictures that educate you on the subject of the abode


Rooms & Suits

The Art of Hospitality

Absolute Lagos

The Absolute Corridor takes you on a historic journey
of Lagos with pictures and captions of important Lagos personalities

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    To start the day in the best way, enjoying the extraordinary breakfast
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    • History
      Orisa Alagere

      Eyo Agere is also called Elegba opopo. It can be identified by its purple hat with light purple ribbon...

      Orisa Alagere
    • Orisa Adimu
      Orisa Adimu

      Though westernisation has eroded many cultural heritages and modernisation has sub-merged some, Eyo Adimu Orisa, the iconic traditional play...

    • History
      Orisa Ologede

      Eyo Ologede can be identified by the stilts that make them tall, and their green hat taped with yellow...

      Orisa Ologede