Orisa Ologede

Eyo Ologede can be identified by the stilts that make them tall, and their
green hat taped with yellow ribbons. It is of banana leaves. In Yoruba religion,
the banana is symbolic of peace in about the same manner
the palm oil. They are both used as “ero” (solvent). They are both used in
“etutu” literarily means appeasement. Ologede is the spirit of the
banana tree which embodies the sweetness, the soothing and the tranquilizing
spirit in the banana.
The word “Ologede” consists of two stems. “Oni” (the owner of) and
“Ogede” (banana) which literally means the owner of banana, the spirit
of the god of banana. It is the physical and the metaphysical soothing
properties of banana which qualified Ologede as a god of peace. Olugbani’s
family owns Ologede with its shrine at Onigemo compound. As
Oniko sweeps off the filth and the ills of the passing year, Ologede bestows
peace, harmony and prosperity for the coming year.

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